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The most comprehensive business listing solution for local businesses.
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Get found. Gain traffic. Grow revenue.

Establish accurate business listings and appear in more places across the web. Packed with four powerful presence management tools My Listing, Listing Distribution, Listing Sync, and Google Insights. Listings Manager is the most comprehensive business listing solution on the market.

Ensuring your business(es) are found and accurate across the web is extremely important in today’s world, as most consumers are going to search engines for their information. Whether they are trying to discover a new business by searching “pizza places near me” or searching for a specific business, your business information needs to be present so that you can be found online. Our suite of Listings products allows businesses in all types of verticals be found online through the power of listings.

All the tools you need to kickstart your online presence.

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My Listing

A one-page mobile responsive business listing webpage, an additional listing source that is SEO-optimized to rank high in search.
Listing Distribution Overview

Listing Distribution

Submits business listings to all four major data providers who are referenced by over 300 online directories done from one dashboard.
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Listing Sync

Instantly enhance the accuracy of your business listings through creating, updating and maintaining listings from one place.
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Google Insights

Sync business information to Google My Business and effortlessly manage your online presence on Google Search and Maps.

Businesses should have the ability to...

Be Found And Accurate

Whether it be online, offline, on mobile sources, voice search, or GPS sources. You should have accurate NAPs and be easy to find anywhere a customer may be looking for information.

Update Listings In Real Time

With hundreds of listings available. Having one place where you can easily create, manage, and update all your listings, saves you hundreds of hours over the course of a year.

See Proof Of Performance

Distributing your listings, seeing where your business is being shown, maintaining accuracy and tracking the performance of your online presence should be done from one robust dashboard.


Listings Manager Overview

Kick-start your online presence management with four powerful tools bundled inside this business listing solution. Listings Manager tools allows you to:
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my listings overview

My Listing

With My Listing, you can easily create a mobile-responsive business listing landing page that is optimized for local search. This customizable listing allows you to:
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My listing responsive webpage
3. Responsive Design

Listing Distribution

Submit, Update, And Monitor: Listing Distribution gives you a single dashboard to submit, update, and monitor your business information across data aggregators: Neustar / Localeze, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Factual.
Data Aggregators Do The Work For You: Data aggregators gather consumer and business data and provide it to hundreds of listing directories, review sites, search engines, and more. They also power sophisticated modern applications such as Apple’s Siri and personal navigation systems. As a result, Listing Distribution helps you:
Listing Distribution Overview
listing sync overview

Listing Sync

Accurate business listings help search engines and consumers find local businesses online. Listing Sync gives you one place to create and sustain accurate business listings across an established network of over 70 listing sites. With Listing Sync you can:

Google Insights

Understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps. Google Insights in Listings Manager provides a valuable glimpse into your business activities, including:
Listing Manager Google Insights Dashboard


Simple Pricing With No Setup Fees.

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  • Listing Sync
Listing Builder
Listing Distribution
Listing Sync
/ Year
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AvailabilityInternationalUS, UKUS, UK
Free Setup**
Sync to four listing sources (Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)**
My Listing (free landing page)**
Google My Business Insights**
Update and edit business information to sync across sources from one platform**
Business data sync to the four primary data aggregators (Infogroup, Localeze Neustar, etc.)
Sync status reporting
Protection from third-party changes
Publish business data almost instantaneously to a list of high traffic sources
Control of how you appear online
Ability to manage duplicate suppression
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* Included with Listing Builder
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You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about the Listings Manager process, offerings and service plans. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may request a free consultation
Why is a strong presence important for my business?

A strong presence is the first step toward success. With Listings Manager, you are getting the most essential set of tools you need to start building your business’ online reputation.

How does Listing Distribution work?
Listing Distribution submits your business information to the main data aggregators:
  • Neustar Localeze
  • Acxiom
  • Factual
  • Infogroup
Over time, hundreds of sources will reference these aggregators to collect business data and create accurate listings based on your submitted information. This includes search engines, navigation systems, voice search, mobile apps, and even offline sources like telephone books and government records.
When multiple sources have consistent business data, two outcomes occur:
  • Search engine crawlers, like Google’s WebCrawler, finds the same information in multiple places and adds more confidence to their business data
  • Good backlinks are created with more referring sources to the business’ website creating better SEO.
What is a data aggregator?

Data aggregators gather consumer and business data and provide it to hundreds of listing directories, review sites, search engines, and more. They also power sophisticated modern applications such as Apple’s Siri and personal navigation systems.

How often can I make changes to my business profile?

You can update your business profile as much as you want while your Listing Distribution subscription is active. There’s no limit on the number of changes you can make.

How often are listings sent to the data aggregators?
When a listing is created or modified in our system, the information is sent within 24 hours. The data aggregators receive this data and provide us with confirmation within 6-8 weeks.
We also resubmit your listing data once every week to ensure that aggregators always have the most accurate version of your listing.
Why is mobile optimized listing important?

For SEO, priority is given to good customer experience on mobile devices. Consumers will use mobile devices to find desired goods or services and will generally begin these searches with a category or brand search. For example, a brand search is “Joe’s Pizza in Marina” and a category search is “Pizza in Marina”. (Note: On a mobile device the “in Marina” often does not need to be explicit.) In the case of a category search, the user has intent to purchase something in a category but has not decided or does not care about the brand. In these searches, the user’s intent is generally heavily skewed toward proximity and location. So search engines generally deliver the closest locations and it is therefore important that location information is crawlable, is displayed on each page, and is in meta-data and keywords.

What if a business has duplicate listings?

How does Listing Distribution take care of those?

We submit the listing to the data aggregators, and the aggregators have their own process to eliminate duplicate listings.

How long does Listing Distribution take?

As soon as you enter your business information, we push it to the data aggregators. It can take 6-8 weeks for them to receive the information and ensure it is correct in their own databases. It is then up to the sites and sources to update their information from the data aggregators. They each query them at various intervals—some seek out the information weekly, monthly, etc. Therefore, the timeline for when a source picks up that information will vary greatly depending on their process for updating their data.

Why is Listing Distribution a yearly subscription?
Listing Distribution is a continual process that maintains and builds your web presence over time. Once the data aggregators have your correct business information, the rate at which sites reference this information varies. To ensure the widest span of information and amount of listings created, Listing Distribution needs to be activated for an extended period of time.


Even if your business information is correct, listings can be eroded over time by user-generated content and other incorrect data. As long as your subscription is active, Listing Distribution refreshes your information with the data aggregators every week. Without this, there is a risk of allowing the current public data to change all of the value already established.
Where do listings come from, anyway?

Online directories get business information from a huge number of sources, including:

  • Business owners enter their own information
  • Government sources
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Google sources (MapMaker, Places, etc)
  • Data aggregators

However, the most importantly weighted information comes from the major data aggregators.

Feedbacks From Our Clients Using Listings Manager

Here is what some of our clients already using Listings Manager have to say about the results they have seen and their experience so far with the marketing solution.

Frustratingly the Website template we purchased did not work how I wanted. To shorten the launch process we engaged Smartecniqs, who quickly and efficiently developed our business website and worked out the nuances of the template. Now people look at the website and comment on how professional it looks.
astral client
My studio just launched our completely revamped website and we couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with Smartecniqs Digital Solutions. They transformed our old and outdated website into a modern and incredibly attractive site. My project meetings with them yielded results in a short time
sbs client


Shahorla Beauty Studio

I have hired Smartecniqs for several web design projects for my online education platform and every time I have been more than happy with the results! Eyiowuawi goes out of his way to make sure I am completely satisfied with every element of my website. He has become a permanent part of my virtual ‘tech’ team
aysha client


Aysha Van De Pear