Deliver the best user interaction through impeccable web and UI design

Ensure your customers interact fully with your digital presence

Dynamic user interface design ensures that your website and mobile apps respond with respect to the device on which it is been viewed on whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet or a personal computer, the design adapts itself to the screen size without compromising on content and functionality.

Asides from providing your mobile app and website users great experience through innovative design, dynamic design also ensures that your website ranks higher in search engines because this is now a strict requirement considered by search engine algorithm in the process of website ranking.

Making a great first impression on your customers and delivering optimal user experience is the goal here. When people search for a service that they need and comes in contact with your website or mobile app, their experience on the platform determines how they see your brand and also if they will be converted to paying customers.

With our mobile-first and dynamic approach to creating interface designs, you can be rest assured that all your web and mobile design needs, be it a graphical UI design or a coded UI template from scratch,  or redesign of an existing site or mobile screen will be met with the highest professional standard in the industry.

High Converting Features

We take into consideration a lot of factors when creating web and UI designs, some of which are: psychology, user research, information architecture, content strategy and interaction design. All of which are interconnected to help us arrive at an optimized customer journey and experience for your site visitors. First we understand your vision then go ahead to deliver designs that is:


Certain aspects of the site such as color, font, branding, page elements will have the same rhythm across the entire site.


The appearance of the UI design will be aesthetic with respect to audience context, making the use of the interface enjoyable.


The interface design will be aimed at allowing people easily accomplish what they want to with less effort and time.


The UI design is created following a mobile-first approach with clean code ensuring fast loading and device adaptability.

What's Involved

Achieving an impeccable UI/UX design involves a lot of work and different factors come in to play here. In order to deliver maximum value for our clients, we include some of the most important aspects of user interface design process.

Backed by modularized web/UI design project workflow, we deliver interface designs that are visually pleasing to the eye, clear, concise, responsive, and attractive while following industry best practices.

User Flow

A simple visual chart outlining the steps that a user has to take to complete tasks or achieve goals in your app or site.


A not so detailed outline showing the visual concept of the website, web app or mobile app interface on paper with a pen.


A visual guide that shows the page design structure, hierarchy, key elements. and what finished work will look like.

Visualization (Mockups)

Fleshed out, good looking visuals with concentration on branding, color, typography following a style guide.

High Resolution Designs

Static, fully-styled exports of the simulated designs in high resolution formats illustrating real-time rendering.

Design Source Files (AI)

Original files of the user interface designs created in vector graphics application such as adobe illustrator.

Template Source Files

User interface design code delivered in XML, HTML, CSS & JS for mobile app, web app or websites.

Live Testing

Deployment on live environment, testing page rendering, responsiveness, browser compatibility & interactivity

Design Optimizations

Improving the average load time by optimizing the design code for speed and performance before launch.

** We do not provide hosting and domain names but we recommend bluehost. You can get started with as low as $2.95/month and you’ll get a free domain.
** We will guide you to select a hosting plan that suit your project needs after subscribing to one of our user interface design packages.

Responsive Web Design Process

Our web design process begins at the discovery phase where we concentrate on researching the user demographics, user problems, user goals and visualise how a user will use a product or service to generate design ideas.

Next we assume the position of the user to formulate user flow, personas, scenarios and journey maps. Based on these data we draw uo wireframes, mockups and high resolution designs which is then presented for review. Upon approval the design is converted into actual code using XML, HTML, CSS and JS. Finally the code is deployed on a server, tested, iteratively optimised and delivered to you.

The project will be broken down into milestones and modular tasks which will be led by a dedicated project manager who will coordinate a team of experts and setup a business center for you so you have a centralised place to communicate and manage your project from beginning to end.

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UI is all about good user experience so we research the user demographics, goals, problems, ideate, define metrics & hypothesis
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We take a deeper dive to understand the user by formulating user flow, personas, scenarios, testing and journey maps
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We begin this phase by creating sketches then move on to wireframes and finally mockups. We also include high-res designs
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We'll present the designs to you for review and make any necessary adjustments at this stage before moving to develop
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Coding of the design takes place here. Could include a combination of XML, HTML, CSS & JS based on project requirements
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Test & Optimize

Test & Optimize

Deployment on live environment, usability test and iterative code optimization before final delivery

UI/UX Design

UI and UX go hand-in-hand to maximise user interaction. A lot of psychology and sociology go into UX design as it is more technical and analytical in nature. A background research is required for UX design to discover user journey map or user flow, which is then analyzed and optimised to ensure maximum satisfactory customer experience.

To show how much we care, we offer you a flexible payment plan for our responsive web and mobile app design packages. You can begin your project by making a 50% initial deposit and paying the remaining 50% upon project completion.

Web Design Elements

Making a positive first impression on your website visitors is a must if you want to succeed online because your business is judged by the quality of your website. A second chance to make a first impression on your website visitors may never come around but you can attract, have them stay on your site for longer time and revisit until they convert if your website design is of very high quality.

The presence of high quality web design elements can make your website pop and attract users to certain areas of the site where you want their attention to be concentrated.  We offer very affordable web design services that provides you with just the right elements needed for that face uplift.

To show how much we care, we offer you a flexible payment plan for our web design packages. You can begin your project by making a 50% initial deposit and paying the remaining 50% upon project completion.


You have to provide all the contents to be used on the site within two weeks.

Logos and Other Graphics
Provide your logo in it’s source file format either in .psd or .ai also high quality graphics in either .svg, .jpg, or .png.

Provide high quality images if you have any. Else we will use stock photos which you can change later.

Provide a detailed outline/list of all pages to be included on the site. Arrange the hierarchically.

Contact Forms
Provide all the info/fields you need to collect on your forms.

Existing Logins
You will provide login details to access your existing domain and hosting provider clientarea.


Content Creation
We do not provide content creation along with this package. You are responsible for providing the content that will be used on the site. Or you can subscribe to our content marketing plan

Graphic Design
If you need custom graphic design to be used on your website you can subscribe to one of our graphic design service. Or contact the design team

Custom email services like gsuite is not a part of this package. We will configure the website forms to forward to an existing email account of yours or the email from your host e.g

All websites we create are built with SEO best practices in mind. But these packages do not have any ongoing SEO services attached to them. You can take a deep dive into SEO by subscribing to one of our SEO plans at a reduced rate because we created your website for you.


You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about the responsive web design packages. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may request a free consultation
Why do I need UI and UX design?

Your digital products, services and business in general has a small window of opportunity to catch the attention of users or customers that visit your website because in the modern digital landscape there are unlimited choices to chose from. 

Impeccable UX and UI are what sets you apart from others in your industry vertical. They play a major role in capturing and keeping your users/customers, thereby growing your business and improving your revenue.

What is the difference between UI and UX design?

UI Design stands for User Interface Design. It is made up of the user interface which consists of the page, button, screen, and other visual elements you see in an app or on a website. The visual attractiveness of these elements stimulates the users to think of your business in a certain way and take specific actions while following the requirements of the brand.


UX Design stands for User Experience Design, which focuses on every detail that determines the experience of users of an app or website. The central goal of UX Design is to improve the overall experience for the users interacting with the application or website.


Both UX and UI are vital for business success online. Having UI without UX is like having a vehicle body without the engine, and UX without UI is like having the engine without vehicle body. Both are needed to have a fully functional app or website.

What comes first UI or UX?

User Interface (UI) design requires first knowing what it is that you want to design, hence it is first necessary to understand what User Experience (UX) is required, that is, what are the wants, needs and abilities of the end-user. UI is the tool that translates these identified needs into realities, while UX provides the research, analysis and evaluation of the user’s needs.

How does the UI/UX design packages work?

Before a Web template (HTML) or Mobile UI template (XML) can be created, you must first have at least a visualization (mockup) or PSD design at hand. The design as laid out in the PSD or mockup will be converted into actual code which can include both frontend design (HTML, CSS, XML) and frontend development (Javascript)

Feedbacks From Our Clients

We have been chanced to create beautiful experiences for a number of clients who have now turned family. Our utmost desire is to see our client’s business flourish by leveraging on the digital opportunity to increase revenue.

Frustratingly the Website template we purchased did not work how I wanted. To shorten the launch process we engaged Smartecniqs, who quickly and efficiently developed our business website and worked out the nuances of the template. Now people look at the website and comment on how professional it looks.
astral client
Smartecniqs team are expert at what they do, they are fair, and does not stop until you are 100% happy with your project. We decided to outsource the rebuilding of our website and I must say Smartecniqs’ delivery of the project was timely, cost efficient and most importantly professional. I am quite impressed of the work we’ve done.
vertex client
We thought we had everything it takes to drive our business until we engaged Smartecniqs. Aside from giving us a fantastic brand, they also set our website to standard with fast and easily accessible email accounts. Our company profile is now competing with world class. Thanks to their extremely detailed, and professional team.
waziate client



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