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Stop ineffective social ads, increase ads result without increasing spend

Reach new audience, and re-engage existing customers

Social media provides the most cost efficient and focused form of advertising accessible today. With paid social advertising you can improve your brand’s social media presence and drive targeted leads to your business. We help our clients achieve instant results on social media by associating their products and services with thousand of prospective customers who may be interested in them.

Social media advertising if done wrong can lead to huge waste of time and serious loss of revenue. That is why it’s very important to have a solid strategy that clearly dissects areas such as social network selection, customer persona, audience segmentation, targeting, ads creatives, A/B testing, ads monitoring & performance optimization, conversion tracking and reporting.

Our social media marketing experts ensure you get the most of your advertising investment by spending your advertising budget intelligently, targeting your specific demographics and optimising your ad campaigns for best performance. Irrespective of your selling model, whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, or e-commerce, paid social advertising can help you drive conversions, increase your brand awareness, and increase engagement with your audience.

Paid Social Advertising Strategy That Drives Results

Our fail-safe strategy ensures your social media advertising campaigns go the extra mile to get you the results you desire so you don’t have to worry about managing ads for your business. Our strategy focuses on social network selection, customer persona, segmentation, targeting, ads creatives, A/B testing, ads monitoring & performance optimization, conversion tracking and reporting all summarized into the following areas:

Social Network Selection

The plethora of social networks available to choose from requires performing detailed research to find out where your audience spend most of their time before selection.

Audience Segmentation

To ensure your paid adverts are displayed to the right people, we will segment your audience and display ads to unique persona from your customer base.

Ads Creatives

High quality multi-media contents such as copy, headlines, images, videos are used to create branded and compelling ads that separates you from the competition.

Performance Optimization

Keeping an eye on the ad campaigns daily, we are able to identify low and high performing ads, then take actions to optimize them respectively.

What You'll Get

All our paid social advertising campaigns focus on metrics that matter to your bottom line, with the primary goal of generating leads, sales, returning customers and expanding your business.

We measure lots of metrics for your paid search campaigns but we focus on those that answer questions like: – Are you reaching qualified people?, – Are you engaging with qualified people?, – How many of your social media followers are inquiring about your product or service?, – How many of them actually become customers?

In order to provide positive answers to the above questions, we keep tabs on social media KPIs such as Engagement, Reach, Leads, and Conversions and ensure they stay in the positive threshold. This helps us deliver a paid social advertising campaign that features many deliverables some of which are:

Social & Ads Account Setup

If you don't already have an ad account we will setup one for you which you'll have 100% access to.

Custom Ad Strategy

After consulting with your team we'll create a strategy focused on achieving your marketing & campaign objectives.

Advanced Targeting

We use superior targeting methods available on select social networks to zero in on people most likely to buy from you.

Unique Ad Campaigns

Our team collectively create custom ads for every step of the buyer journey from awareness to post-purchase-experience.

Increased Brand Awareness

While generating leads and conversions, more people become aware of your business through branded ad creatives.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking of all ad metrics like clicks, views, and conversions they lead to, through analytics, pixels and business manager.

Personal Account Manager

You will get a dedicated ads specialist that will manage your account, campaigns and interface with your team.

Qualified Sales Leads

Increase in targeted leads generated for your business during the lifetime of your paid social advertising campaign.

Weekly Reporting

Receive regular update on the performance of your campaign through emails, dashboard, and calls.

PSA Process

We start by first assigning a dedicated social media manager to your project as well as support team that includes graphic designer, copywriter, PPC specialist and a web designer/developer. The social media manager will consult with your team to discuss your marketing goals and ascertain a project scope, after this adequate research will be conducted on your competitions, industry vertical and best methodology to deliver your project.

Output from this phase will be used to set SMARTE campaign goals then we’ll develop a strategy to achieve these goals before moving into the campaign execution phase where we will create unique ad campaigns for every step of the buyer journey then proceed to monitoring, optimization and testing of ad sets.

Finally your dedicated social media manager will regularly bring you up to speed with the latest updates on your paid social advertising campaign, with reports detailing campaign metrics such as cost per action, conversions, click through rate, traffic activity etc.

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Consult with your team to discuss your marketing goals, project scope and research to gather info needed for project execution.
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Define Goals

Define Goals

Information from consultation and research is processed into clearly defined SMARTE campaign goals and objectives.
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We clearly outline implementation steps to attain the identified goals taking note of elements of a successful paid social strategy.
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Execution of unique ad sets created using compelling headlines, ad copy and designed images coupled with A/B split testing.
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Daily monitoring and optimization of your ads to identify high and low performing ads then tweak respectively to make it better.
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Regular updates delivered to you by the account manager detailing overall performance of your ads and next steps to take.

Paid Social Advertising Plans

With the ever increasing adoption of social media by people of all age and races (almost 50% of the world use social media), advertising budgets attributed to social media marketing will double in the next 5 years. We offer three performance driven paid social advertising plans that provides your business whether big or small actual, tangible results.

Our team of PSA experts have experience in optimizing ad campaigns while maintaining high return on investments for our clients. Over the years we have managed to optimize our methodology, process and framework which allows us to keep the cost of our services low and affordable. Whether you are looking to market your business on one social media platform or four, our team of social media experts can build a custom plan tailored to suit your exact needs.

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/ month
/ month
/ month
/ month
Number of social networks
We run paid social advertising on four social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. We will consult with you and research your audience to find out the best social network to use for your campaigns.
Ad spend range
The minimum amount you can spend on an ad campaign that will yield measurable results for your business
$300 - $1,500 $600 - $3,000 $900 - $4,500 $1,200 - $6,000
One time setup fee
A one time charge which compensates for the time to setup your social media advertising campaign some of the activity includes analytics setup, social media account setup, social media page setup, ad accounts setup etc.
Advertising campaigns & audience
The number of paid social ad campaigns and audience grouping we will setup to achieve your marketing goals.
Unique ads
We will setup multiple ads targeted at achieving specific objectives/goals under your campaigns
Remarketing campaign & Ad
You will get 1 remarketing ad to drive prospective customers back to take action if they did not take required actions after seeing your ads for the first time.
Ad targeting & optimization tweaks
Within a month we will optmize your campaign targeting, bidding, split tests and ad creative for better performance.
Up to 2Up to 4Up to 6Up to 8
Social ads comment monitoring
keeping track of all comments from people that engage with your ads, sending respective responses to those that do not require any technical knowledge of your business and escalating those that require your expertise for a proper response to your team.
1 day / week2 days / week3 days / week4 days / week
Custom ad creative (Design)
Our team of graphic designers and copywriters will create unique ad images for your campaigns.
1 Image2 Images3 Images4 Images
Custom ad creative source file
You will get the source file of the designed image if you so desire to have it.
Mobile optimized ads
Optimization of ads to render effectively and maximise conversion on mobile by using simple copy, bold imagery and image testing
Ad account setup & optimization
Setup of a social media account for you if you have none, an ad account, and an analytics account to run your paid social campaigns.
Conversion tracking pixel setup
Installation of tracking code on your destination pages or website to track the actions taken by audience that click on your ads and general performance of your campaign.
Monthly reporting & analysis
1 monthly consultation to discuss progress of ad campaign and performance report detailing campaign metrics showing what has been achieved and next steps.
Custom & advanced targeting
We will provide more advanced targeting options for your ad campaigns like demographic targeting, keywords, interest, user Intent targeting, school, profession, workplace targeting, company size, industry and job title targeting,.
Dedicated paid social ads manager
To ensure you are well taken care of, we will assign a dedicated representative to manage your PSA project. The account manager will liaise with your team to identify your marketing goals and come up with a respective custom strategy.
Choose PlanChoose PlanChoose PlanChoose Plan
Need an even more customised plan for your project? No worries, we’ve got you covered.


You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about the PSA process, offerings and service plans. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may request a free consultation

Paid social advertising is the process of creating and using sponsored content or advertising to boost your website presence in third party feeds and pages. It generally involves media buying in order to achieve marketing communication, branding goals and leads or sales conversion.

We work on all the major social media platforms out there, these includes facebook, linkedin, instagram and twitter. When you engage us, we will perform a research to determine which social media platform is best for your business before proceeding to developing a campaign for you.

The short answer: Because your customers are on social media. Irrespective of what industry your company is in, your prospective customers are using social media everyday. It is vital that you sensitize them about your brand offerings, market your business to them, engage them and keep them connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option when they need a service or product you offer. A strong presence on social media also plays a major role in search engine visibility.

Our paid social advertising focus on three major marketing objectives such as building awareness for your business, making your audience consider taking an action and immediate conversion actions like product sales. There may be increase in website traffic as your paid ads are optimised for better performance but increasing your ad spend budget will effect a substantial and immediate increase in your website traffic too.

No, you don't have to provide us with content. Nonetheless, if you have content, you can send it our way and we will be glad to use it. We normally develop content that's unique to your brand, industry vertical and audience through the use of stock photography, graphic design and news from relevant sources.

The short answer? Yes. If the questions are not so technical or very specific to your business. But if they are then we will leave them for your in-house team to handle, as you will also be having access to the social media accounts at all times. Giving responses have proven to be helpful in creating a sense of authenticity with your audience and ultimately increases your reach.

The major key performance indicators (KPIs) we keep track of are website traffic and conversions. These two metrics influence sales and your business growth on social media in the long-run. In our monthly reports, you will see these metrics increasing, and we will track what is working so we can improve and do more of it and also what is not working so we can adjust it or stop doing it.

Follower increase and conversions can be contingent on your campaign goals and how optimally refined your campaign is especially on Facebook. We normally track the performance of ad campaigns and use the data to optimise them, resulting in increased conversions. Notwithstanding there are external factors that affect conversions which we cannot control like offer/product price, product quality, website destination, and market you are competing in.

We recommend that our clients engage this PSA service for a minimum of 3 - 6 months in order to see highly remarkable impact on conversions. But generally some impact is noticeable within the first 30 days. If you desire more/immediate conversions in a short while then you can increase your ad spend budget.

Your project will be assigned a dedicated social media manager which may have experience working with other similar businesses in your industry vertical. This person will be working with a team of other experts and report deliverables to a project manager before sending out to you. The social media manager will serve as the main point of contact, interfacing between your team and our team.

Feedbacks From Our Clients

We have been chanced to create beautiful experiences for a number of clients who have now turned family. Our utmost desire is to see our client’s business flourish by leveraging on the digital opportunity to increase revenue.

astral client
Frustratingly the Website template we purchased did not work how I wanted. To shorten the launch process we engaged Smartecniqs, who quickly and efficiently developed our business website and worked out the nuances of the template. Now people look at the website and comment on how professional it looks.
sbs client
My studio just launched our completely revamped website and we couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with Smartecniqs Digital Solutions. They transformed our old and outdated website into a modern and incredibly attractive site. My project meetings with them yielded results in a short time



Shahorla Beauty Studio

aysha client
I have hired Smartecniqs for several web design projects for my online education platform and every time I have been more than happy with the results! Eyiowuawi goes out of his way to make sure I am completely satisfied with every element of my website. He has become a permanent part of my virtual ‘tech’ team



Aysha Van De Pear

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