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Generate high quality sales leads for your business with very little effort

Embrace a more targeted and efficient method of lead generation

To succeed in business you need customers, to get customers you need to generate sales leads. Email list building offers you an avenue to target relevant businesses (B2B lists) and consumers (B2C lists) based on many unique criteria. It’s a known fact that every business is unique and so are it’s needs when it comes to sales data, for this reason we take time out to first understand the kinetics of your business and it’s target audience before proceeding to develop a custom list-building strategy.

Email is personal so people value their inbox over their social media account inbox. Research shows that a staggering 91% of online consumers visit their email inbox daily. Directing your marketing budget to build a quality email contact list and leveraging on email marketing campaigns can generate high return of investment in a short while for your business.

From startups, to small businesses to enterprises, We can help your business grow faster by generating quality sales leads that are happy to engage with your business. 

The bigger email list you have, the better your reach will be

The foundational way to craft a brand marketing strategy has been to create a value proposition for your brand, think who could be possibly interested in it, and then target those people with your marketing communication in media. But without first starting with broad reach, many of your potential consumers are liable to never hear of your brand, message or proposition. A few other reasons to seriously consider building a target email list are:

Email is Personal

Brand humanizing is taking the centre stage in marketing as consumers behavior have evolved to be more intelligent at analysing brands.

Preferred for Business

People use email to talk more about business as compared to social media. Building a quality email marketing list fosters more email communication.

Build Intimate Relationship

The best one to one business communication medium is via email. It provides a private space to have discussions with your customers.

Email is Targeted

List building can be targeted towards a specific audience and segmentation makes it possible to filter down communication to smaller target groups.

What You'll Get

Our custom list building service coupled with strategic email campaign management makes it possible to not only pinpoint your target, but also to communicate directly to carefully chosen target groups. To ensure that your list building campaign is driving meaningful result we keep track of vital metrics and optimize them accordingly, some of which are list growth rate​, growth source, contact quality, click-through rate, open rate, and conversions.

Additionally, we deal with some of the major bottlenecks encountered during email list building and that is “High Churn Rate”. Unsubscribes and bounces are the major contributors to churn rate which can be caused by a flaw in the list building process cycle. So we endeavour to curb the churn rate by following best practices during implementation phase.

Some of the best practices we follow include giving subscribers an option to set preferences during signup, using double opt in to ensure  we get only interested subscribers and personalization of welcome email series.

List Growth Strategy

We'll consult with your team and based on your goals develop a custom strategy for your email list building campaign.

Landing Page Development

Landing page focused at presenting offers that'll convert visitors to subscribers through CTAs & lead capture forms.

Lead Magnet Setup

We will build your target contact profile, and create an offer in exchange for their email address and custom data.

Email Copywriting & Design

Welcome series email copywriting and design, optimized with social shares and call to actions to induce responses.

Welcome Email Automation

Automation of a 3 part email sequence to onboard subscribers, fulfill offer and pitch your product or services.

Social Media Promotion

We identify channels to collect leads data and drive traffic to your landing page through targeted social ads.

Custom Data Points

Asides from email, first & last name, we configure your lead forms to collect sales data unique to your contact profile.

Dedicated Manager

A representative to help you understand your email campaign, answer your questions, and report updates to you.

Performance Reporting

We'll present the list data in your desired format and provide report on overall campaign performance.

Email List Building Process

In a bid to ensure that we deliver top quality service to all our clients, we have developed an exhaustive email list building process which we follow for every project and optimize continuously along the way. We start by consulting with your team to discuss your marketing goals, identify and categorize the probable end users of your products and services, create contact personas for B2C lists and contact profiles for B2B lists, find where these contacts live online, how to reach them and identify channels to collect their information.

Next we morph the data we’ve gathered into a strategy to develop your email lists by working with you to create lead magnet that incentivize people to provide their data in exchange for something of value. We then implement the lead magnet on a landing page or your website through intuitive call to actions and lead forms placed in strategic locations.

Next we create a welcome series email automation containing 3 unique email design; a welcome email, lead magnet offer fulfilment email, and a sales pitch email. First email in the sequence is triggered when a subscriber completely opts in to a list. Next we run advertising campaigns to promote the lead magnets using either paid social advertising or search engine marketing.

Lastly we move into list monitoring or maintenance phase where we constantly optimize all the afore-mentioned processes leading to this stage on an ongoing basis, perform quality check on the data by running them through a verification system and finally provide reports that analyse the performance of your list building campaign with focus on metrics such as subscribers, open-rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

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Identify goals, who, what, when, and how of your campaign; audience targeting, buyer persona creation & email content ideas.
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List growth strategy for developing lead magnets relevant to your business, industry vertical and target audience to get contact data.
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Landing Page

Landing Page

Implement lead magnets on landing page or your website by using call to actions and lead forms to collect contact data.
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Creating welcome series email automation containing 3 unique emails sent in sequence from the selected ESP.
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Using paid social advertising or search engine marketing to drive relevant traffic to the landing page or website.
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Email list building performance monitoring, optimization and reporting with focus on key metrics.

Email Marketing List Building Plans

One of the decisions we make after consulting with your team is to clearly identify all of the different scenarios that your target audience could enter. To do that, we learn about your audience thorougly, segment them into B2C lists or B2B lists, categorize into divisions and filter down into categories and sub-categories then create contact personas and contact profiles for them respectively.

Our B2B email lists can be further categorised based on many criteria with major divisions such as Location, Industry type and Service filters. Generally some of the custom data points covered in our B2B email list building service include:

Our B2C email lists can be segmented based on many criteria with specific characteristics such as, Age, Interest, Income and Location. Generally some of the custom data points covered in our B2C email list building service include:

  • Popular
/ 2,500 Contacts
/ 2,500 Contacts
Campaign duration
Each list building campaign runs within 1 month. You can get more contacts by opting for multiple units of this plan
ESP account setup
We will setup a new ESP account and migrate your existing list on request. If you prefer to use your existing ESP we can work with that too. Note that available features is determined by your ESP
List growth strategy
We will interface with your team to determine a growth strategy, consultation will center around marketing goals, target audience etc
1 hour consultation1 hour consultation
Lead magnet strategy
We will consult with your team to come up with industry relevant and engaging lead magnet strategies this can range from giveaways, referrals, prelaunch to viral contests
45 mins consultation45 mins consultation
Landing page setup
We will setup a highly converting landing page for your list building campaign
Lead capture forms
Data capture forms integrated with the ESP will be strategically placed in various sections of the landing page and accompanied by powerful CTAs
Email campaign setup
We will setup an email campaign following the list growth strategy formulated during the consultation phase of the project.
1 campaign1 campaign
Welcome series email automation
Up to 3 part email drip sequence starting from the point of subscribing, to subscription confirmation, to lead magnet fulfilment and lead nurture.
Up to 3 part email drip sequence e.g:
1) Welcome Email
2) Offer Fulfilment
3) Sales-Pitch Email
Up to 3 part email drip sequence e.g:
1) Welcome Email
2) Offer Fulfilment
3) Sales-Pitch Email
Email template design
Branded design of email copy to be sent out to subscribers
Social media promotion
Promoting your lead magnet via paid social ads which basically drives traffic to the landing page to get more leads/signups. Depending on your campaign goals a respective social platform will be selected for use, ads account will be setup, ads budget will be billed to your card while 20% of ad spend is charged for ads management fee.
By quoteBy quote
Custom data points
You can add custom data to your list building campaign such as location, website, employee size, industry, direct phone, title, social links etc
4 custom fields5 custom fields
One time setup fee
Certain aspect of the project can be setup once and used repeatedly depending on the uniformity of your campaign goals. So this fee has to be paid only during your first month subscribing to the plan. It may include email design, social ads setup, landing page etc
Email copywriting (Optional)
You will provide the contents/campaign assets which include copy, creatives and other assets to be used in the emails. OR We provide 300 words content per email which can be increased as needed upon request.
$150 (300 words per email x 3)$150 (300 words per email x 3)
Additional contacts (Optional)
If you will like to have a bigger list, you can opt in for additional 2,500 contacts at a reduced extra cost.
$100 per 2,500 contacts$150 per 2,500 contacts
Choose PlanChoose Plan
Need an even more customised plan for your project? No worries, we’ve got you covered.


Content: You will provide the contents/campaign assets which include copy, creatives and other assets to be used in the emails.

Planning: Provide vital information needed to understand your business, products, audience and results of past list building campaigns.

Access: Provide access and login details to third party digital resources and platforms used in conjunction with your email marketing.

Strategy: Actively contribute to the planning of your list growth strategy and lead magnet strategy.

Maintenance: Steady communication to discuss campaign strategy, performance results and next steps monthly.


Content: We provide 300 words content per email which can be increased as needed.

Planning: We conduct research on your business, products, audience then analyse and audit your current & past email list building campaigns.

Access & Integrations: We integrate other third party platforms you use with the email service provider.

Strategy: We create effective list growth strategy in conjunction with your team for the lead magnet implementation. 

Campaign Execution: Execution of list building campaign from ESP setup to landing page to lead magnet to email design & paid social ads.

Performance Report: Presenting of list data in desired format, creating campaign reports from tracked KPIs to analyze results and improve strategies.


You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about the email list building process, offerings and service plans. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may request a free consultation

A target email list is a database of contacts that is built based on specification unique to your marketing & sales data (i.e. target titles, industry, company size, or vertical market, etc.). We use the marketing & sales data to come up with strategies to find as many businesses and contacts that meets these criterias, Devise a way to reach them, collect their info, verify it and save it in a database.

We come up with lead magnet strategies to collect data from people in exchange for an offer, so the source of email list data is from actual prospects. We also gather our information from company websites that is original and unique source of accurate data, search engines, directories, etc... 

We work with many email service providers, basically we can work with any ESP. But first, we review the ESP you are currently using and make recommendations for changes if the need arise. Certain factors determine which ESP we recommend and may include use case, size of your business etc.

Our list building service does not involve buying ready-made email list for our clients but rather we follow a clearly defined and optimized process of generating leads for every project. Asides from that we verify that all the generated contacts are genuine and up to date before handing them over to you. So all our records are guaranteed. 

Below is a list that shows the 5 data points included in the B2B email list:

  • Company name
  • Company phone number
  • Company website
  • Company address
  • Industry vertical

Below is a list that shows the 4 data points included in the B2C email list:

  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone
  • Title

Our average turnaround time for a list building project is 1-2 weeks, depending on the size, complexity and amount of manual research projects can extend to 3 - 4 weeks.

We can deliver a completely custom set of data points for your projects. Usually this type of projects require a completely custom approach or strategy which we will develop after consulting with your team.

Feedbacks From Our Clients

We’ve had the honour of creating beautiful experiences for a number of clients who have now turned family. Our utmost desire is to see our client’s business flourish by leveraging on the digital opportunity to increase revenue.

astral client
Frustratingly the Website template we purchased did not work how I wanted. To shorten the launch process we engaged Smartecniqs, who quickly and efficiently developed our business website and worked out the nuances of the template. Now people look at the website and comment on how professional it looks.
sbs client
My studio just launched our completely revamped website and we couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with Smartecniqs Digital Solutions. They transformed our old and outdated website into a modern and incredibly attractive site. My project meetings with them yielded results in a short time



Shahorla Beauty Studio

aysha client
I have hired Smartecniqs for several web design projects for my online education platform and every time I have been more than happy with the results! Eyiowuawi goes out of his way to make sure I am completely satisfied with every element of my website. He has become a permanent part of my virtual ‘tech’ team



Aysha Van De Pear

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