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Create fascinating & relevant content that your audience will love to read

Power your digital marketing and SEO with performance-driven content

Content is the lifeblood of all digital marketing strategy, Content is the air the internet breathes, Content is the currency the internet spends. The core purpose of the internet is to generate, circulate, and document valuable contents for a unique target audience to engage with. So if your business is not publishing valuable information on the internet, it is only a matter of time before it dwindles away from the digital landscape.

The importance of content in your digital marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. It simply is the most powerful force with which you can generate website traffic, drive brand awareness, increase leads and double your website conversion rate. Hence content marketing is essential to increasing your company’s revenue online.

We understand that creating and managing contents for your website, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, press releases and ebook chapters can be time consuming and overwhelming which ultimately distract you from concentrating on other aspect of your business that requires your specific expertise. We are happy to inform you that you can outsource this burdensome task to our agency which we will gladly handle like an extension of your business. 

Our in-house experienced team of copywriters, graphic designers and editors ensure you get high quality customized writing services at very competitive prices.

Drive engagement and boost revenue with strategic content

The most effective traffic channel is the organic search, the best way to enjoy organic search is by making google like your content. Google’s goal is to ensure their users enjoy seamless search experience by providing them with high quality contents that best fit what they are looking for and this goal is achieved only through high quality content. Our content marketing plans ensure you enjoy numerous benefits that will boost your companies revenue in the long run some of which are:

Become An Industry Leader

Relevant content helps you become an industry-trusted source for information pertaining to your niche market, thus making you the peoples choice.

Generate Quality Traffic

Content distribution through owned, earned and paid channels in conjunction with google search results, all contribute greatly to incoming traffic to your website.

Profound Brand Affinity

Earning the trust of your consumers influences them to vouch for you and often share good news about your business with their friends and family.

Remarketing Audience

Based on your site traffic you can create highly refined remarketing audience using your content as a benchmark to segment and target the visitors.

What's Included

We focus on two major success factors which form the basis of our content strategy. First thing is determining your business goals, and Second is associating each goals with key metrics such as lead quality, sales, website traffic, onsite engagement, social shares, SEO, exposure and authority.

Our content marketing strategy is backed by industry standard processes that ensures the service delivered to you is always exceptionally good. The central theme of our strategy is to connect the content created with what end users need and want while incorporating your company’s branding, unique messaging, and marketing goals, resulting in the right content reaching the right people, located in the right place, at the right time.

Some of the best practices we follow include consulting with your team, gathering information about your business, checking in with your marketing goals, conducting content audit and gap analysis to mention a few. Our writers are well versed in many different industry verticals so we are able to quickly adapt to your specific requirements in a short while.

Content Inventory & Audit

Understanding your existing content to identify content types, user flows and what can be used in future.

Keyword & Gap Analysis

Evaluating competitor & your content on a topic to discover gaps & keywords in the content to improve upon.

Content Strategy

We create user personas & scenario with a custom strategy tailored to fit your business, audience and goals.

Content Calendars

To organize, plan and schedule posts we create content calendars that highlight what, where, & when of future posts.

Content Creation

Vetted, hand-selected, professional writers create custom & optimized copy from pre-approved titles in calendar.

Editing & Proofreading

Reviewing of every piece of content created to ensure it is error free and aligns well with intended goals.

Content Distribution

Direct publishing on your wordpress blog and sharing of your content to relevant social media networks.

Dedicated Manager

A representative to help you understand your content marketing campaign, answer questions & reports.

Content Reporting

Monthly reports to breakdown the performance of each contents created with focus on key metrics.

Content Marketing Process

Over 90,000 tweets, 1,100 blog posts, and 800 new websites are published every 60 seconds. This statistic establish the fact that your content can fall in between the cracks quickly if it is not valuable, findable, organized, engaging, and relevant to target audience needs. For this reason alone, amongst many others we have developed a solid process that ensures your content dosen’t get lost in the weeds.

We begin by first identifying where you are with your content by listing existing content, and establish what content is missing. We do this by carrying out content inventory & audit coupled with keyword research & gap analysis. After this we define clear goals to target and create a basic structure for your project. Then we develop a content calendar by creating a plan for the topics, content and publishing frequency.

Next we start developing contents while following the content & editorial calendar. And also ensure effective maintenance of any changes, developments and optimizations required during this processes on an as-needed basis. Finally we monitor and provide you with a monthly report of your content performance.

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Perform content inventory & audit, keyword & competition research, gap analysis and historical performance of existing contents.
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Set Goals

Set Goals

Define clear goals, identify target audience, create personas, setup basic structure and message alignment with brand voice.
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Develop ideas for topics based on needs of target audience in accordance with their customer journey and production plan using a content calendar.
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Following the content calendar, contents are created accordingly while considering uniqueness, target audience, engagement & SEO factors.
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Verification, reviewing, and distribution of contents to wordpress blogs and social media networks. For more audience you can use our PSA service.
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Monitoring of contents according to KPIs using social media & web monitoring tools to track engagement and monthly reports.

Content Marketing Plans

84% of people engaged in a survey said they expect companies to produce content that: entertains, tells stories, provide solutions, and create experiences. Another research shows that 78% of new customers said they prefer to learn about a company from their content instead of paid marketing. These insights further solidifies the fact that clients need to slowly get to know you and build trust in your business through your content that build long-term engagement.

Our content marketing service plans takes away the worry/stress of content creation from your business so you can focus on other specific areas. Some important use case of our service plans are:

  • Website Blog: You can now easily maintain relevance and grow your business online. With our service plan you will get
    1. Unique content created and posted on your website.
    2. Each week, you receive a 600-word high-quality blog post delivered directly to your WordPress website. (4 posts per month)
    3. It’s completely hands off for you. We do all the work and your blog will continue to grow and update with new and relevant content.
  • Email Newsletters: You can now maintain a healthy frequency of sending mails out to your mailing list. Our talented writers have experience writing for many industry verticals and will create mail copy that aligns with your marketing goals and business branding
  • Google My Business Posts: With a 4x GMB posts every month, you can now imporove your SEO, increase customer engagement, and drive more visits to your website.
  • Popular
/ 300 Words
/ 600 Words
/ 1,000 Words
Recommended use
We can write any content type you need, select the right plan based on your use case. We can also create content for your custom needs. Use the request custom plan button below this table to get a free consultation for your custom content needs.
Google My Business Posts
Micro blog posts
Newsletters / Emails
Press releases
Website content
Short blog posts
Newsletters / Emails
Press releases
Website content
Standard blog posts
Ebook chapters
Press releases
Website content
Min. recommended quantity
Asides from the press release and web page content, the minimum order for blog posts and emails is 4. We structured our plan so that you will have fresh content to publish and dish out to your audience every week.
4 content assets / month4 content assets / month4 content assets / month
Content gap analysis
Our copywriters and SEO analysts carry out gap analysis on your existing content and competitor content to identify what is missing and how to fill in the void.
Ongoing keyword research & discovery
Our SEO analyst carry out keyword research to find out what your audience are searching for, and what your competitors are targeting. Then create long tail keywords and strategically include them into content topics and body.
Direct to wordpress publishing
We will automatically posts each article to your wordpress blog, either in live mode or draft mode for your approval.
Niche-based title creation
Our content creation team continually crafts new pattern-interrupt, clicktriggering titles that we test and build content around for your brand.
Revision requests
The job is done when you are satisfied, we will provide you with some rounds of revision to get the content to the exact state you want it.
Featured image included
A high resolution image that is related to the topic or subject matter is included with each piece of content.
1 Image1 Image1 Image
Automated sharing of all posts
All blog posts or articles are shared and distributed across all your relevant social networks building a strong social presence with just a few clicks.
1 click to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google my business1 click to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google my business1 click to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google my business
Content strategy adaptation
We keep track of past data and strategy pattern used for individual project associated with a brand. We use this to effect ongoing adaptation of the client’s voice.
Online project management schedule
Your project will be broken down into milestones and modular tasks setup in a business centre which provides you a centralised place to communicate and manage your project from beginning to end.
Dedicated content specialist
Your project will be led by a dedicated project manager who will coordinate a team of experts to work on your project.
Content management report
Content marketing reports each month to breakdown the performance of our services. The main metrics we look at will be increased website traffic and time-on-site for each new user
Choose PlanChoose PlanChoose Plan
Need an even more customised plan for your project? No worries, we’ve got you covered.


Content: You will provide us with a content brief. If you have desired topics, keywords & links to similar content we will work with that also.

Planning: Provide vital information needed to understand your business, competition, industry vertical, products, and audience.

Access: Provide access and login details to your WordPress website, GSC and analytics account.

Strategy: Actively contribute to the planning of your content strategy in accordance with your marketing goals.

Maintenance: Steady communication for approval of topics in content calendar and periodic discussion of updates to your overall marketing goals for proper alignment.

Distribution: Steady communication to discuss content asset approval and provide links to all your social media accounts.


Content: Our expert team of authors, editors, designers and search engine professionals do all the work for you. We produce 4 high-quality, readable content assets that makes your business more sales.

Planning: We conduct research on your business, products, audience, competitors then analyse and audit your current contents.

Access & Integrations: We integrate other third party apps with your WordPress website to implement auto-publishing.

Strategy: We create user personas & scenarios, content calendars and follow our unique process to deliver quality content for your business.

Distribution: Management of automatic publishing of posts and sharing of contents across your social media platforms.

Performance Report: Monthly reports to show you performance of your content on the internet.


You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about the content marketing process, offerings and service plans. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may request a free consultation

Our expert team of authors, editors, designers and search engine professionals do all the work for you. We also work with an expert team of professional freelance writers assessed through a rigorous vetting process. We individually match writers with assignments based on their background, credentials and writing experience. That's how we produce high-quality, readable content that makes your business more sales.

As soon as a content asset is approved and delivered, the copyright ownership is transferred to you and you can use the content as you deem fit.

Yes you can request for revisions. Clients that use our service on a one-off basis have access to 2 revision per content asset while monthly retainer clients have access to unlimited revisions.

Yes, we would simply email the content each week. There may be other options for manual posting as well. There are plans for Drupal and other plugins in the future, just ask.

Our Writers are categorized across a multitude of niches. Many of them are currently working in the fields for which they are writing. By working closely with the writers, we have crafted a specific voice for many niches.

Our category system makes sure your content goes to the same writing group each week. Using a single writer opens you up to a single point of failure. You will complete a business assessment interview that will apply to your content orders.

For samples related to a specific niche or subject, please email

All content flows through 17 stages of processing. Many sets of eyes view the same content increasing the quality along the way. We can get into the details during execution.

Feedbacks From Our Clients

We’ve had the honour of creating beautiful experiences for a number of clients who have now turned family. Our utmost desire is to see our client’s business flourish by leveraging on the digital opportunity to increase revenue.

astral client
Frustratingly the Website template we purchased did not work how I wanted. To shorten the launch process we engaged Smartecniqs, who quickly and efficiently developed our business website and worked out the nuances of the template. Now people look at the website and comment on how professional it looks.
sbs client
My studio just launched our completely revamped website and we couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with Smartecniqs Digital Solutions. They transformed our old and outdated website into a modern and incredibly attractive site. My project meetings with them yielded results in a short time



Shahorla Beauty Studio

aysha client
I have hired Smartecniqs for several web design projects for my online education platform and every time I have been more than happy with the results! Eyiowuawi goes out of his way to make sure I am completely satisfied with every element of my website. He has become a permanent part of my virtual ‘tech’ team



Aysha Van De Pear

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