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Scale your business with user-centric mobile app development

Smartecniqs mobile app development service can help you rise above your competitors. A custom developed mobile app is not just a mobile version of your website but rather an attractive and experience-driven environment vital for generating a coherent customer journey.

For nearly all industries, incorporating  a mobile strategy is no longer an option it is a necessity because 65% of the time spent on digital media is done on smartphones and tablets.

Our dedicated app developers are laser focused on delivering scalable and robust mobility solutions for your business irrespective of the industry you belong, business objective or technology. We have served many clients across many industries such as: Health & Fitness, Retail & E-Commerce, Education & Training, Logistics & Automobiles to mention a few.

Tools and Technologies We Use

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Smarter Solutions Through App Development

Studies have shown that a larger percentage of internet users now prefer to engage digital media on their mobile devices than on desktop devices. A growing number of these users also prefer to engage with business through mobile apps more than mobile websites. This paradigm shift is as a result of new technologies coming to light and successful features of mobile app that makes them unique and trendy in the competitive market. Some of these mobile app features include:


Serving customized content is easier on mobile apps through tracking of user interests, location, usage behaviour etc.

Sending Notifications

Push and in-app notifications provide an alternative way of communicating with mobile app users in an unintrusive way.

Mobile Device Features

Mobile apps can utilize native features of mobile devices such as camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls etc.

Offline Mode

Mobile apps have the ability to offer content, functionality and perform tasks without using internet.

What's Included

Partnering with Smartecniqs opens you up to a team of dedicated mobile app developers that begin work on your project immediately without any delays and deliver guaranteed top notch results in the shortest possible time.

Our project management tools enable to you track your project performance and timeline while communicating with an assigned project manager as your single point of contact. We understand that results is what matters most to you hence our development process produces varying outcomes throughout the project life cycle some of which are:

Discovery/Project Brief

After understanding the problem to solve, We will provide you a project brief which may include: user research, competitive analysis, etc.


A strategy brief that clearly outlines how the defined objectives will be accomplished. May include feature specification, user flows, sitemaps etc.

User Experience

In between the strategy and execution phase, we'll create experience design using storyboards and wireframes to flesh out visuals and user flow for the app.


Mock up of ideas, concepts and designs for the app is created using visual depiction of the app screens and actions like buttons or basic functionality in sequential order


The structure, content and functionality of the app is laid out on paper using sketches with information about each app screen which servers as a blueprint.


Iterative mock up of wireframe design model of all app screens. With more details to explore the usability of the system and communicate possible UI designs.

User Interface

The look and feel of your mobile app screens are designed here. Visual interface design elements like colours, typography, graphics and more are created before coding begins.


All the elements, features and functionalities outlined in the design phase are coded on the frontend and backend by our developers iteratively.

Testing and QA

Every possible interactivity with specific builds or segment of the mobile app is rigorously tested for invalid inputs and standard user interactions.

Content Seeding

The database is populated with all necessary contents which may include videos, images, text copy and other information users will experience after going live.


All app store requirements needed for publication will be prepared following respective guidelines for safety, performance, business, design and legal.

Training & Maintenance

Proper working condition of your mobile app and it's environment is managed through our on-going maintenance and support packages.

Custom Mobile App Development Process

Our custom mobile app development process starts at the discovery stage where we consult with you and your team to understand your business and project needs. Then conduct research, analyze and review your existing data to comprehend what needs to be done, what can be done and how to implement them. The project execution follows a structured procedure that helps us to deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Your project will be broken down into milestones and modular tasks which will be led by a team of dedicated project manager alongside expert mobile app developers. An online business centre will be setup for you so you have a centralised place to communicate and manage your project from beginning to end.

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First we have a meeting to grasp your project needs and expectations, then develop a project plan.
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We create wireframes to visualize how the app will look. Also define overall system architecture and tech stack
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Visual Design

We create UI designs using brand guides that portray what the app will look like when built and refine until client approves.
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Using selected tech stack, frontend and backend coding begins following an iterative programming process.
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We test rigorously against specifications while focusing on functionality to find and fix bugs that may appear in the app.
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Your custom mobile application is deployed to the apple store or play store following all laid out guidelines

Start Your Custom Mobile Application Development Project

A lot of people believe that developing a custom mobile application is easy and straight-forward. But in reality, there is so much more attached to developing an efficient custom web application or software. Unfortunately those that fail to take these details seriously end up with a mobile application that doesn’t operate optimally or meet their goals.

With our team of seasoned mobile application developers at the helm of your digital solutions, your business is very well on it’s way to drive meaningful change in its industry. Tell us about your project, send us your requirements. We will get back to you with a free quote.


    You can find answers to common concerns, questions and objections that you may have about our custom mobile application development service. If you did not find answers to your questions, you may request a free consultation
    How can I track the progress throughout the project?
    We will setup a client business centre for you and give you access to our project management tool where majority of project related communications will take place. You can as well track the progress of your project by reaching us on our phone numbers, email and Skype ID.
    What is the project turnaround time?
    Our least turnaround time is 5 weeks. We always try to stay on target and complete projects at least one week ahead of deadline. However turnaround time can vary depending on the scope of the project. Hence the bigger the scope the longer it will take to complete.
    Can I make changes to my app after it's been launched?
    Yes, you can. Little and large changes can be incorporated into an initial/simple version of your app. After which a new and improved version of the app is released and uploaded to the app store.
    What is the difference between Native App development vs Cross-platform development?
    Native application development involves use of languages and IDE specific to the app platform. E.g For android we use default Java/Kotlin with Android Studio while for iOS we use Objective C, Swift and XCode. Meanwhile Cross-platform development describes a methodology where application code is written once and used to deploy apps across multiple platforms e.g same code works on android, iOS, windows etc.
    What is the cost to create a developer account on Apple and Google?
    Apple developer account costs $99/year while android developer account cost $25 one time.
    Judging by your agency pricing. Do you subcontract your projects?
    No, we do not outsource our custom mobile application development projects. Our experienced mobile app developers and subject matter experts perform all project works. We have a specific project workflow unique to our agency so we don’t trust outside sources to maintain the same process.
    Aside from custom mobile app development. Do you offer any other web development service?

    Yes. We design and develop different types of website. One of them is Informational websites. Which is a good choice for a standard business website that can serve as the face of your business in the digital space while your custom web application does the heavy lifting in the background.

    Do I own the mobile application?
    Yes, you will own the developed mobile application when you fulfil all the term agreements. We will hand over the source code, and all other necessary access to you upon completion, deployment and launch of the mobile application.
    Would you take care of the submission of the app in the google play store or app store?
    Yes submission of the developed mobile application to google play store and app store is part of the service offerings.
    What platform should we target to launch the application, Android or iOS?
    This decision depends majorly on your customer base but with the ever increasing adoption of iPhones and android phone, we recommend that you launch your mobile application on both platforms.

    Feedbacks From Our Clients

    We have been chanced to create beautiful experiences for a number of clients who have now turned family. Our utmost desire is to see our client’s business flourish by leveraging digital opportunity to increase their revenue.

    In this technological world, it is VERY hard to find someone who is knowledgeable, a true expert at what they do and someone who goes above and beyond for you like you are the only client that matters. Smartecniqs was able to connect my business on the various platforms I use and make it all automated. I highly recommend Smartecniqs.
    nobs client


    Mentor With Sheri

    Smartecniqs is definitely a digital solution company we look forward to working with again in the future. They assisted with carrying out the vision for my website update and worked through providing creative solutions and options. I was extremely satisfied with the work they completed, timeliness and attention to detail for my project.
    red bra client
    I have hired Smartecniqs for several web design projects for my online education platform and every time I have been more than happy with the results! Eyiowuawi goes out of his way to make sure I am completely satisfied with every element of my website. He has become a permanent part of my virtual ‘tech’ team
    aysha client


    Aysha Van De Pear

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