You are currently viewing Effective Approach To Develop Positive Customer Reviews For Your Brand or Business
Effective Approach To Develop Positive Customer Reviews For Your Brand or Business

Effective Approach To Develop Positive Customer Reviews For Your Brand or Business

Positive customer reviews are a very important element to take into consideration for your brand or business because they are a big part of your image: the way your company is perceived can have a lot of positive or negative ramifications and it can lead to further growth or downright stagnation.

That is why we offer our own customer reviews tool, Feedback Manager, which gives you the possibility to gather customer experiences and thus boost your business’ image as a positive one. As you can see, a customer feedback tool can be very important and we need to understand the cultural relevance that customer reviews can have in our brands.

How To Get Good Reviews For Your Brand or Business

Okay, we are now aware that we need positive customer reviews in order to improve our business’ image and appeal to a lot more people due to the ramifications of said customer feedback. But the question is: How can we get said positive reviews? Well, here we present you a few general tips that can make a very positive difference to your brand:

1. Give them options and platforms to speak their minds

The internet has become a worldwide place for people to speak their minds and as a business you need to prompt customers to say (or in most cases, write) what they think about your brand as a whole. That is why there are many places on the internet where you can allow your customers to drop their own feedbacks.

For example, having profiles on social media is a must these days, especially if you want customer feedback, so make sure that you have a presence on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and listen to the customers’ reviews. If you think you can have a YouTube channel, that’s also a very good way to get people’s reactions and opinions on what you have to offer.

Of course, if you are a business that is selling products, Amazon is the place to go to have a lot more reach in terms of sales and also a wonderful option for customers to speak their minds on the reviews sections, thus allowing you to get that so-wanted feedback.

2. Reviewing live chats transcripts

Now, this isn’t a customer review per se, but it’s a very interesting option to get customer feedback and consider what the elements that are currently not working for your business are, so we decided to add it to this list because it can help to give you better reviews at the long term.

You can take all the transcripts of the live chats you have performed with your brand on the internet and start writing down all the different complaints that people have with your business. Once you do that, you can execute these changes and improve the public’s perception about your brand because you have addressed the aforementioned issues.

All of this leads to positive customer reviews. Take the recent Sonic the Hedgehog film: fans were very critical of Sonic’s original design for the movie and Sega decided to improve it, listening to the customers’ feedback, and it recently enjoyed the biggest opening weekend for a video game film adaptation ever.

Listen to your clients and customer feedback is going to improve.

3. Engage with your customers in a friendly manner

Nowadays, with the rise of social media, interactions with your customers is in an all-time high and now more than ever you need to engage with them in a positive manner, which includes helping them every step of the way and that in return can lead to positive customer reviews. In fact, this is a key element of customer review management.

Perhaps your potential customer wants to know more about your brand or your product before buying and he or she starts asking you questions through social media; be kind enough to answer his or her questions in a polite manner and always be willing to help them with whatever they need. This is equally true when they start putting complaints about your product; make sure to interact with them with patience and politeness as you help them every step of the way.

A positive customer review is not only based on terms of your product’s quality. What makes a major difference is how you treat them when they start engaging with you because that’s your moment to prove that you put the customer first and that reflects on your brand as one that cares about making the customers happy.

4. Run surveys through your customers

An old, but yet effective strategy. After providing the services to your clients, make sure to ask them, whether it’s on a physical or digital platform, different questions about your brand and what they thought about the customer service, how they were treated, even the infrastructure of the business you currently have and many other things.

Listening to your clients is a tremendous opportunities to get better customer feedback because you can improve based on what they have told you and show them, once again, that you care about what they have to say and you are showing it through actions.

5. Respond to every review you can answer… including the bad ones

It’s not only about getting the reviews, but also how you react to them. And this is something a lot of professionals these days don’t do that well: they only want to take and accept the positive customer reviews, but they don’t want to cope with the bad ones and that’s a terrible mentality if you want your business to grow.

Whether you take the reviews personal or not, people offering criticism are also worth listening to and they are investing time and effort to voice their own opinions on how you can make your brand better in many different aspects, so it’s important that you take the time to reply to them and let them know that you value their opinions. It shows professionalism and maturity, which is the sign of a serious business.

6. Gather customer experiences with an automated feedback tool

Having a review management workflow in place for your business is vital to growing your pool of positive customer experiences. Research has shown that 68% of customers write reviews for businesses that have rendered services to them after being asked to do so. Also it was discovered that 80% of client reviews are generated from email requests sent to them by the businesses they’ve engaged with.

Actively requesting for reviews from customers is an effective way to gather positive experiences they’ve had with your business from them. Many times customers don’t provide a review for services rendered to them because they are not asked for it or just forget to respond to the request after they’ve been sent out, this amongst a few other hiccups may pose as a challenge to collecting and managing feedbacks. This is where a tool like the feedback tool comes to play.

With a customer review & feedback tool like the Feedback Manager you will be able to follow a predefined review management workflow which ensures a smooth process from customer conversion to review publishing.

review management workflow

Some of the many benefits of using this tool include:

  • Ability to direct customers to the review platform that is most dear to your business or most relevant to the service you rendered to the customer e.g you can select between facebook, google, glassdoor, indeed and many more
  • A database of your review-eligible customers
  • Ready made review response templates
  • Multiple review request methods such as via email or via sms
  • Easy tracking of review request status
  • Ability to embed a review collection widget on your website
  • And many more…


At the end of the day, getting positive customer reviews is a long process, but it’s definitively worth your effort as it can make a major difference for you and it can make you learn about what you need to do to improve.

If you are interested in improving your customer feedback, then we recommend you to check out Feedback Manager our very own customer feedback tool guaranteed to turn your customer experiences into stars.


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