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best practices for a winning social media strategy in 2020

8 Best Practices For A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2020

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Over the years, social media has become essential channels to humanize a brand and increase the traffic of your online business. Currently, running a business without a presence on social media becomes a competitive disadvantage since a large percentage of relationships between consumers and companies are created through these types of platforms. Now, to guarantee success in the digital field, it is not enough just to have a presence on social media; It is an essential requirement for each brand to design a comprehensive and complete marketing strategy.

Designing a good marketing strategy allows you to better connect with your audience, generate more leads and improve your income. It is important to keep in mind that social networks are always in constant evolution, and although it may seem overwhelming to stay ahead of trends when designing your strategy, there are certain practices that offer numerous benefits. The best practices for a successful social media marketing strategy in 2020 are outlined below:

1. Define Your Goals

Before you begin outlining your social media marketing strategy, the first thing you need to do is identify what your goals are. Whatever the specifications of your objectives, it is important to have a differentiating element to position yourself as a benchmark in the minds of your consumers. If you do not have specific objectives, it will be very difficult for you to achieve them and measure your success.

It is recommended that when you set your goals you break them down into smaller action steps, so that you align them with your overall marketing efforts. Considering as many marketing ideas as possible during this phase will help you cast a wider net as regards to which options to include in your objectives.

2. Create A Buyer Persona

For your marketing strategy to meet your goals, you need to make sure that your content is reaching people interested in your products or services. To get to know your audience, a great tactic is to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional character who represents your ideal client. To create this customer prototype and define a profile, it is necessary to carry out an audience analysis to discover patterns in the demographics and interests of your customers.

There are different social media analysis tools that you can use to extract the data necessary to create these profiles. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram offer a free report with valuable information about the people who interact with your brand online, even if they are not yet your customers.

3. Create Attractive Content

The content is king; It is paramount to generate a content strategy that revolves around clear, insightful, usable, consistent and high quality message, with regular and distinct publications for every network, hence generating trust in your target audience. In addition, said strategy must have a suitable design, easy to use and attractive for the channels to be used. An example of engaging content is writing lifestyle tips, humor, and you can also share any promotion, discount or offer on social media.

It is recommended that you know the various purposes of each network to determine which is the most suitable for the type of content you are going to publish, for example, LinkedIn is a perfect professional network for B2B audiences.

4. Take Advantage Of Video Content

Video content is setting trends; For brands, it is of great importance since it achieves a greater audience, as well as enhancing your brand, telling stories of your consumers or products and thus being able to connect with your client more effectively, according to The Aberdeen Group of The Future Of Content Marketing, 90% of customers claim that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. Also according to Smart Insights research shows that 92% of marketers say it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. The 100+ video marketing stats you need to know in 2020 published by Avasam also provides a deep dive into the role and importance of video in social media marketing strategy.

Video content can be used in numerous creative ways to boost your social media marketing strategy. But live videos (like Facebook Live Videos) and features like IGTV and TikTok seem to be all the rage right now.

5. Organise Online Contests

Organizing an online contest or giveaway is one of the most effective ways to attract new audiences. Carrying out this type of campaign also helps you to get to know your target better, increase the capture of leads and accompany your users throughout the purchasing process. They are very effective because it is usually easy to participate in them, offer a near-brand experience and can be integrated into blogs, websites and social networks.

To get the most return (value) when conducting a contest on social media, it is a must for you to know what your intended audience needs or values or what is relevant & important to them and then offer incentives that align with those qualities.

6. Start A Facebook Group

Launching and growing a Facebook group is a first-rate strategy to add to any social media marketing strategy since through it it is possible to interact with the audience in an authentic way promoting products or services in a non-commercial way. To start your own Facebook group, go to the lower left corner of your news feed, where it says “Create”, then click “Group”. From there, fill in the necessary information and you’re done.

7. Track and measure success

The only way to know if your marketing strategy is working is to monitor and analyze the results of the work being done. In the case of marketing, this happens by analyzing what we call metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicator). KPIs are the type of analysis or assessment that helps us figure out whether our social media marketing strategy has been efficient in achieving set goals or not, so it is critical to evaluate them to know which aspect we are doing great in and which aspects can be improved on.

8. Use Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools offer automated options to save time and help us monitor networks, manage and optimize publications with the best content, schedule posts, analyze online activity, among others. There are various social media tools at your disposal, from creating and publishing content to analysis and reporting, which have become one of the vital functions of any company that wants to stay ahead in this digital economy.

An example of these tool is Social Manager, considered one of the best social media tools today. It is an intuitive and optimized social network administration platform with which you can use to program any type of publication on most popular social platforms.


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