Eggsclusive Partners

Egg donation & surrogacy partner company

The Challenge

Eggsclusive partners is an egg donation and surrogacy company based in Los Angeles. The exclusive program is tailored towards the above average donor. With over 5 years of experience their donors come from around the world to help families who want to experience the joy of having a child, but have been unable to do so.

In an attempt to improve their customer experience, Eggsclusive Partners enlisted Smartecniqs to establish a professional online presence for their business, implement a smooth showcase of their service offerings, a robust and advanced donor application process and a way for prospective clients to reach them online.


The Website

Eggsclusive Partners website was designed following a simplistic approach. The UI was created with the brand colors in mind using simple layout design, lots of white spaces, forms and many other simple design elements and effects.


The website implemented features clear-cut layouts to highlight services. Including opt in forms, and a multipart form to collect and process donor applications.



Overall, the combination of these approach resulted in a branded professional website with fundamental features requested by the client.


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